5 Tips For Growing Aquaponic Strawberries At Home

Have you tried growing aquaponic strawberries yet? Yes, it is possible. Aquaponic systems are a great way to grow your delicious fruit right at home without planting them in soil. With just a few simple tips, you can harvest your own sweet, juicy strawberries in no time. They’re easy to care for and can be grown in various setups without using soil. 

Further along, we will discuss how you can grow strawberries, but before that let’s understand if they actually thrive in an aquaponic system.

Can Strawberries Grow In Aquaponics?

Yes, strawberries can grow and thrive in an aquaponic system. Strawberries are recognized as one of the best plants to grow in an aquaponics system. The advanced hydroponic system offers a perfect setup for the lovely red-colored fruit. You should grow them during Fall or Winter as the plant prefers cooler temperatures. As most aquatic species prefer relaxed environments, you will get many fish options. This mutually beneficial relationship ensures a healthy yield in the end. 

Besides, aquaponic strawberries flourish better when hanging down from the stems. Fortunately, one of the aquaponics systems, “vertical tower” or “NFT” offers just the ideal conditions the fruit looks for. Verticals are the best choice for productivity per square foot, and they can be built at a low cost. 

aquaponic strawberries

How Do You Grow Strawberries In Aquaponics?

If you ever decide to grow strawberries using aquaponics, consider the following points; they are a must.


Forget sowing strawberries from seeds; it will take 2-3 years for the plant to bear fruits. 

The best way to get strawberries is by planting runners. Strawberry plants throw out several long, leafless stalks called “runners,” which can clone themselves and produce new crops immediately after being cut off from their mother plant. 

The best way to get your hands on some strawberries is by planting the seedling plants from a garden store. You can also purchase these online and transfer them into place.


If you want your aquaponic strawberries to be delicious, the ideal temperature is between 60-80° F. Most fish will live in these conditions. Moreover, you also need to keep a check on air temperature. The optimum daytime air should be around 60-80°F with a lower temperature of no less than 55°F. The latter may reduce the growth speed but helps the fruit grow larger. 

Water pH

pH level is an essential factor in determining whether strawberries will grow well. They need 5.5 to 6.5 levels of pH to grow well. Maintaining this number can help you achieve better results and keep the fish alive. 


The key to growing amazing aquaponic strawberries is getting the light right. Strawberry plants need approximately 12 hours of direct sun each day to achieve their full potential. But indoor gardens can be fostered with artificial lighting sources like fluorescent lamps or LED strips. These in turn provide just enough warmth without too much heat, perfect for those who don’t have access outside.


To raise strawberries in an aquaponics system, start with the right fish. The hydroponic system is not just about providing nutrients; the right kind of fish can make all of your dreams about home production of fruits come true. You may start by using tilapia because they are easy to keep and provide plenty for plants, but carp or koi would be better-suited choices if you want higher yields.


Potassium is necessary for plants to grow, including aquaponic strawberries. It helps them produce those sweet and lovely bright red fruits. You can add potassium and calcium by increasing the pH level of your water, but do not make it too acidic or else strawberries and fish will die.

Grow Medium

Gravel is the best grow medium to grow strawberries. 


Most aquaponic strawberries are ready for plucking four to six weeks after blossoming. They should be picked when they’re red. Also, not all will ripen together, so you might need to pick them up every other day.

The Best Aquaponics System For Growing Strawberries

The easiest way to give your strawberries the best chance of success is by providing them with plenty of space, light, and nutrients. You can use a vertical grow tower or media-filled beds for this purpose; it all depends on what you have available in terms of equipment.


The nutrient film technique (NFT) is used in conjunction with aquaculture. The NFT works by pumping water from your fish tank into channels that lead up to the plants, where they absorb their nutrients before flowing back down again.

The NFT system is a great way to grow organic produce in an aquaponics setup. It works by pumping water from the fish tank into channels that reach out towards plant roots, which absorb their nutrients before it flows again.

growing strawberries in aquaponics

Mistakes To Avoid In Growing Aquaponic Strawberries

Successful strawberries growth requires a lot of monitoring. If you don’t keep an eye on the water quality, your plants will die off quickly because they need nitrate, but high ammonia levels can also kill them in just minutes. 

In addition, too many fish for the size of your grow bed can lead to problems with ammonia conversion and strawberry production. This will make it difficult for all types of life in an aquaponic system, including those related to plants. You must keep up good stock levels to stay healthy and produce fruits/vegetables at their peak potential.

Best Strawberry Variety For Aquaponics

  • June bearing
  • Day-Neutral
  • Everbearing

5 Best Tips For Growing Aquaponic Strawberries At Home

Strawberries are an excellent crop to grow in an aquaponics system. They are much easier to care for and produce a lot of fruit. Here are five tips for growing strawberries in aquaponics system in your home. 

  • Select the right variety
  • Provide plenty of sunlight
  • Use well-draining soil
  • Keep the water level consistent, and 
  • Harvest regularly
aquaponic strawberries


If you are looking for a productive, sustainable, and delicious way to the garden at home, look no further than strawberries. These little beauties provide plenty of nutrients while taking up minimal space in your garden, making them the perfect crop for any green thumb. Have you tried growing aquaponic strawberries at home?

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