About Us

Now everyone can be an Aquaponics Guru

Hello, and welcome to The Aquaponics Guide!

We are Andy and Pippa Johnson and we are avid gardeners. We both started gardening when we were young and spent most of our childhoods in the outdoors. This has since transferred into a life long passion for the both of us, and it is also how we met! We love to take nurture and take care of all living things. We especially love to sustainably grow our own food, in an environmentally and healthy way, and this is how we discovered aquaponics!

We created The Aquaponics Guide to share our knowledge about aquaponics with all gardeners whether they be beginners, intermediate or advanced. We hope to provide you all with the information you need in order to understand what aquaponics is, how it works, and even help you build your very own aquaponics setup! Whether you find yourself in need of some advice regarding aquaponics plants, aquaponics fish, or aquaponics systems, The Aquaponics Guide can help!

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