7 Reasons to Build Aquaponics at Home

Aquaponics at home is one of the best solutions we can use  to ensure the quality of food we eat and the quality of life we live. In recent years, we have become more conscious of our consumer habits that are detrimental to our health and the planet. As an answer, farming innovations and ecological techniques were developed to ensure food safety and protect our natural environment.

Growing chemical-free fruits and vegetables is scientifically known to result in better wellbeing and a healthier lifestyle. Building a home aquaponics setup guarantees a safe and organic food source. Aside from that, aquaponic gardening has other great benefits.

Read on as we discuss deeper into the subject to help you better understand the advantages of having aquaponics at home.

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What is Home Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a natural farming technique that uses a combination of fish farming and hydroponics. Hydroponics is growing plants in a natural organic solution.

An innovative farming system that can be constructed or customized according to one’s specific needs,a home aquaponics system is possible anywhere; in your backyard, garden, or inside your homes. As long as the structure follows the principles of the nitrogen cycle, you are good to go. 

When a fish in a pond or tank produces waste, bacteria will break it down into nitrates. A pump or a tube will carry the nitrate-rich water to the garden beds where you grow your greens and herbs. These plants will then absorb the nitrogen from the water, feed the plant, and clean the water in the process. The safe and clean water will then go back to the tank, and the cycle continues resulting in healthy produce.

As a sustainable and eco-friendly system to yield vegetables, fruits, and fish, home aquaponics works on the basic concept of how a natural ecosystem should function.

Why Build Aquaponics at Home?

Aside from producing food naturally without chemicals, building aquaponics at home has far greater benefits.

1. Healthy Living

One of the most significant advantages of aquaponic gardening is the assurance that what we feed our bodies is free from toxic substances that pose a potential risk to our health and the health of our loved ones. Growing our fruits and vegetables provides the most nutritional value because it is not shipped or stored. The food from our gardens goes directly to our table.

Our fish produce is also free from mercury, antibiotics, and growth hormone. Plus, knowing where and how our foodsare source dramatically contributes to our peace of mind.

2. Cost-effective

Having aquaponics at home is a great way to save money. Food expenses are significantly reduced by having a low-maintenance garden as a food source. Aquaponic gardening requires less time and resources to cultivate and maintain. The amount of time needed to grow and harvest is relatively lesser than regular fish-keeping and soil-based planting.

3. Self-Reliance

Food security and independence have grown increasingly important in recent years. The aquaponic system’s ability to produce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and the addition of a natural protein source reduces our dependence on grocery food as our primary food source. 

4. Growing Local

Growing local significantly affects almost all aspects of the food we consume. Locally grown produce is fresher, tastier, and healthier. Food outsourced from distant places is prone to damage and spoiling, and some products require chemicals to extend freshness and shelf-life. Plus, additional costs are incurred for logistics. 

Growing local also reduces our carbon footprint in the environment. 

5. Environmental Conservation

Another advantage of aquaponic gardening is the sustainability of the system, which results in planet conservation. Aquaponics is a farming technique that uses less amounts of water than soil-based farming. It protects our natural water resources because no toxic substances from chemicals and fertilizers are dumped into our lakes, river, and ocean.

The land is also conserved since aquaponics grows more produce by up to six times than traditional farming.

6. Low Maintenance

Building aquaponics at home requires less work and effort. Weeding is not required, and there is no need to use fertilizers and other chemicals to yield a good harvest. You only need to setup your aquaponic garden and check your plants and fish’s health by checking the ammonia and pH level and the water temperature.

7. Faster Growth and Greater Yield

Aquaponic gardening yields ten times more produce than traditional gardening, and the growth rate is six times faster. The system allows you to grow any time of the year without the limitation of weather and season. Growing plants during a drought is not a problem because of the system’s water recycling structure.

What Can You Grow in Aquaponics at Home?

You can grow diverse crops in an aquaponic garden. Tilapia and lettuce are the most commonly grown. However, you can plant almost all kinds of vegetables, including tomatoes, beans, peas, cabbage, herbs, cabbage, and radishes.

Most freshwater fish species can adapt well to the system. However, tilapia is commonly farmed because they are edible. You can also have other kinds of fish like koi, goldfish, or other ornamental fish like mollies and guppies. 

Can You Do Indoor Aquaponics at Home?

Indoor aquaponics is possible as long as the same farming techniques and principles are applied. Indoor aquaponics is a great way to decorate your home’s interiors and at the same time grow food without worrying about the climate and the weather. 

You can use your aquarium to set up a simple indoor aquaponic system. Just assemble your fish tank and install a pump for the water to be drawn out into the plant bed; build a media bed for the plants to grow; add the fish of your choice; add a leafy plant and maintain your system. 

Final Thoughts

Eating healthy while protecting the environment is the common goal for most people who are into aquaponic gardening. It is a fun and efficient wayto secure food for our family without the hassle and hard work required in traditional farming. An innovative and unique way to cultivate food all year round, aquaponics at home is the best way to grow fish and produce. 

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