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An aquaponics ecosystem is amongst the best indoor gardening ideas available. It not only gives an immersive look to your home or office, it also promotes greenery and offers you a recurring harvest of organic produce as well as a place to grow fish as pets or for food. To learn more about aquaponics, read our What is Aquaponics article.

All you need is a supreme quality aquaponics system to enable you to benefit from this unique style of indoor gardening. From industry leaders ‘Back to the Roots’, the Back to the Roots Water Garden is one of the top trending aquaponics systems available online. 

It is an ideal aquaponics farming system loaded with the most advanced features and a beautiful compact design. Additionally, there are a variety of aspects that make it worthwhile. Keep reading to explore whether the Back to the Roots Water Garden would be an ideal purchase for you.

1. Trusted brand:

Back to the Roots Water Garden is a premium product from the house of urban mushroom farmers in Oakland, CA. The brand is known for providing quality aquaponics and aquaponics systems around the world. According to the company, Water Garden is designed to reconnect families with organic and healthy microgreens.

The aquaponics industry is growing at a fast pace around the world and there are a number of companies entering in the business of indoor gardening and aquaponics. However, this might confuse you in being able to choose an appropriate aquaponics system. It is highly recommended to select a trustworthy brand to ensure the better health of your family and the success of your aquaponics system. Back to the Roots is considered among America’s top organic gardening companies. So, you can rest assured in choosing this product and enjoy fresh produce with your family. 

2. Complete package of resources:

The aquaponic farming kit offers a complete package of resources you will need for indoor gardening. In the box it comes with organic microgreen seeds, D-Klor and Zym-Bac, growstones, and fish food. The microgreen seeds packed with the product are easy to grow and full of nutrients you need for a healthy life. These seeds receive nutrition from your aquarium and provide organic microgreens in just 10 days. 

D-Klor clears up the water from chlorine and maintains the natural slime coating of your fish and Zym-Bac maintains ammonia constraint in the water. The growstones available in the aquaponics system act as a growing medium and assist you in growing your desired microgreens with nutrient rich water. The indoor gardening system also includes nutrient-rich food for your fish to keep them fulfilled and happy.

3. Self-cleaning aquaponics system:

As discussed above, the Back to the Roots Water Garden is one of the most advanced home aquaponics systems available online. It comes with a wealth of productive features to enhance your aquaponics farming experience. Its self-cleaning cycle is one of the top features. Unlike an ordinary fishbowl, there is no need to manually replace the water to sustain your fish. 

This aquaponics system is designed in such a way that it automatically renews the water quality once the seeds started growing. It has a complete self-cleaning process in which the water garden recycles the water through the plants allowing your fish to stay healthy and happy. The fish waste is quite beneficial for gardening but harmful for the fish itself. The aquaponics system uses the nutrient-rich fish waste to feed the plants and in turn they purify the water for your fish. In simple words, its self-cleaning cycle ensures the better health of your fish whilst growing organic microgreens for you. 

4. Compact but spacious:

The home aquaponics system by Back to the Roots is fully loaded with features and is compact in design. It can hold 3 gallons of water and has dimensions of just 13.4 x 13.4 x 9.5 inches. The aquaponics system keeps the water clean and healthy for your fish. As it has a compact design, you can ideally use it to decorate your living room or the office reception. 

Its electricity-based self-cleaning system offers hygienic water to your fish and organic microgreens to your family. The Back to the Roots Water Garden is a mini aquaponics ecosystem but still productive enough to meet your family requirements of microgreens. 

5. Easy setup:

Besides its large number of features, this aquaponics system is quite easy to setup and allows you to grow a succulent garden with ease. The aquaponics system comes with a simple three-step configuration and months of organic seeds. It means you can easily setup your succulent garden and enjoy microgreens for months. 

The product features a white tray, organic seeds, fish food, and a glass bowl. All you need to do is to fill the bowl with fresh water, put your fish inside and fit the tray by following the user manual. You will receive seeds with the product itself, but you can also grow fun plants including lettuce, basil, and spinach. It has a capacity of holding 3 gallons of water. This means this aquaponics system could feed your family with sufficient microgreens for the whole year. Its setup process is very easy so that even one of your children would be able to set it up and harvest the food from it.

Worth Buying?

The Back to the Roots Water Garden is an ideal home aquaponics system that is available in the market. With a handy capacity of 3 gallons alongside advanced features, this aquaponics system offers a perfect package of resources for indoor gardening. It is a recurring method of growing fresh organic microgreens for your family and cherishing your beloved fish as well. 

The self-cleaning system reduces the effort required to nourish plants, cleaning of the fish tank, as well as sustaining aquaponics farming. Apart from its highlighted features, the compact design makes it a perfect choice for your home and office. You can easily setup the aquaponics system using the user manual and enjoy healthy microgreens for your family. 

Back to the Roots Water Garden is available on Amazon and would be a very good purchase due to its advanced features, convenience, and health benefits.

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