What Is The Easiest Fish To Grow In Aquaponics?

One of the most vital decisions you will have to make if you want to start your aquaponics system is which aquaponics fish species to grow. Fish play a significant role in the aquaponic system since it produces the natural fertilizers required by plants to grow. By using the aquaponics system, you have an opportunity to rare a wide range of fish species.

If you want to use the aquaponics system successfully, you must carefully choose the best fish to survive and thrive in your system’s environment. Ensure that the aquaponics fish can thrive in your location, climate and its availability in the area.

There is no joy like that of harvesting your fish from your aquaponics system being assured that you are consuming fresh, clean, and healthy fish. In the aquaponics system, you can rear many types of fish in the fish tank.

You must choose the type of fish that will best meet your needs and goals. The best type of fish for aquaponics depends on your location, the size of your aquaponics system, and the type of plant you are growing, among others.

Therefore before you even start constructing your aquaponics system, make sure you decide on fish species to rear since it is an important decision. Choosing the best aquaponics fish for your aquaponics system does not need to be a stressful decision but rather an informative and exciting process.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Fish

To successfully rear aquaponics fish, you must carefully choose a fish that will flourish in your location, climate, and availability. It is also essential you know why you are rearing the fish in your system. Here are detailed primary things to consider in selecting the aquaponics fish

Gold Fish Aquaponics

1. Temperature

The ability of fish to adapt to an extensive range of water temperatures is low because they are cold-blooded. Certain fish can bloom in warm water while others bloom in cold water. The first question should be: Are the fish you intend to grow in your location’s temperature range? When you know the temperature the fish prefers, you will be able to come up with the best aquaponics fish.

2. Availability of the Fish in Your Location

The next crucial thing to consider is whether the fish is readily available in your location. You do not need to choose a fish that can only be found in one area. The possibility to get the fingerlings in your location matters when selecting the best aquaponics fish. For example, Tilapia is readily available and hardy.

3. Size and Space Requirement

Your aquaponics fish tank will determine the amount and the type of fish suitable. Make sure you understand the fish tank size required for your preferred type of fish. Some aquaponics fish need space to grow, so you should know the maximum adult size of the fish you intend to grow.

4. Filtration Capacity

The filtration capacity of your system determines the number of fish you can keep in your fish tank. Having an overcrowded fish tank can destroy the oxygen levels in the water. Therefore ensure that your aquaponics system has great filtration capacity.

Aquaponics Big Fish Tank

5. Fish Diet

In the process of fish selection, a fish diet is very fundamental. The fish you grow need to have the right balance of fats, proteins, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, and minerals to thrive and offer the plants the correct nutrients needed for growth. Your fish nutrients and food choice can impact the maintenance cost of your aquaponics system.

6. Edible vs. Ornamental Fish

If you grow the fish to eat them, construct your aquaponics system around edible fish species like Tilapia and Catfish. If you want inedible fish, you can select Goldfish and Koi since they are easier to maintain and less expensive.

What Kind Of Fish Is Best For Aquaponics?

The kind of fish that is best for aquaponics is one that can adapt in your location and can adapt to your aquaponics system temperature. Aquaponics fish should also be fast to thrive, require less maintenance cost, quickly adapt to their temperature, and withstand less than ideal water conditions.

What is the Easiest Fish to Grow in an Aquaponics System?


  • Tilapia has excellent taste; thus, it is edible.
  • It is one of the easiest fish to rear.
  • Tilapia can endure a wide variety of water conditions, high ammonia concentration, and low oxygen levels.
  • It is also resistant to diseases and parasites.
  • It grows very fast under the right temperature conditions.
  • Temperature range: 82° to 86°F (28-30°C)
  • Ph. range: 6.5 to 9
  • You can go for blue, Java, or Nile Tilapia for backyard Tilapia fish.
  • Tilapia can reproduce quickly.


  • It has an exceptional taste and is highly resistant to parasites and diseases.
  • If you are a beginner in the aquaponics system, you can start farming the Catfish.
  • It can work with an unreliable electricity supply.
  • It is highly hardy and tolerates a wide range of temperatures
  • Temperature range: 75 to 86°F (24-30°C)
  • They offer adequate mechanical filtration.
  • They grow relatively quickly and can get harvested within three months.


  • There are easy to raise since they have a good temperature range.
  • They adapt well to colder climates
  • They can survive in freshwater.
Aquaponics Trout


  • Koi is the most popular aquaponics fish.
  • They easily live and breed within the aquaponics system.
  • Their lifespan is prolonged.
  • They are suitable for the system since they are reasonably resistant to parasites and diseases.
  • They can eat any food since there are omnivores.
  • However, Koi is not suitable for eating if you want to raise edible aquaponic fish.
  • They are remarkably successful aquaponics fish among beginners.
  • They have higher adaptability and resilience levels.
  • They thrive in temperatures of 59 to 77 degrees F 


  • Goldfish is an ideal aquaponics fish since they are hardy.
  • They are inedible ornamental fish
  • They thrive at a temperature range of 78 to 82 degrees F and 6.0 to 8.0 pH levels.
  • They are two types of goldfish: twin-tailed fish and single-tailed fish.
  • You should not mix these two types in the aquaponics system since twin-fish may suffer significantly.

How Fast Do Fish Grow In Aquaponics?

Generally, aquaponics fish grow relatively fast, and you can harvest them as early as three months if you don’t want them to grow to bigger fish. To grow your aquaponics fish to full size, you need to have a big fish tank for them to thrive.

Full-size aquaponics fish can take up to two years to reach maturity. You must have a large fish tank that allows good filtration. The fastest-growing fish for aquaponics is the Tilapia fish. You can harvest it between six to eight months, depending on the warmth of the water, how you feed them, and the size you intend to harvest.

Therefore, the growth of your fish will be determined by how you care for it and whether you have placed it in the correct temperatures and pH levels. Each type of fish you choose has a different growth rate.

Can You Eat Aquaponics Fish?

Aquaponics fish are edible, but not all types. Certain species of fish are not made to be eaten. However, you can get many species of fish that you can raise in the aquaponics system that you can eat and enjoy. 

Some of the best aquaponics fish you can eat are Tilapia, catfish, trout, perch, and barramundi fish. Though the growing temperatures and climatic conditions vary, there can create a delicious dish for you. Besides, you can easily acquire them in your local aquaponics fish store.

If you are looking for an edible fish that will grow faster, you can go for Nile tilapia. It will also work best for you if you are a beginner since it is easy to raise.

Catfish Aquaponics

Final Thoughts

For a successful aquaponics system, you must select the right fish that is suited to your location and climate. To get the best out of your aquaponics fish, ensure you feed them the right food for their health and yours if you intend to harvest and eat them. If you are a beginner in the aquaponics system, you can start by raising tilapia fish since they are edible and you can easily maintain them. Tilapia can survive in a wide range of temperatures and ph. To grow the Tilapia fish, you do not require any expertise.

To harvest great aquaponics fish, establish a good maintenance routine and regularly test the water pH, temperature, and ammonia levels to help you notice any variation that may affect your fish. Your aquaponics fish tank should have the correct temperature requirement for the fish you choose since each fish have different temperature and pH requirements.

Now that you know what to consider in your aquaponics fish selection, you will hopefully select the right fish to match the climatic condition you will be experiencing in your location.

If you do not intend to raise edible fish, you can go for ornamental fish like goldfish and Koi fish.

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