Huamuyu Hydroponic Garden Aquaponics Fish Tank Review

If you are an aquaponics enthusiast looking for a tank to take care of your fish as well as some indoor gardening, consider Huamuyu’s Hydroponic Garden Aquaponic Fish Tank

It presents an ideal set up for all, especially beginners. You can start your journey with this mini-ecosystem by adding some small herbs and microgreens and, of course, your favourite fish species. While the plants will absorb the water rich in nutrients, their oxygen will keep the aqua species alive. The bonus lies in its shape and size. Place it anywhere in the house; Huamuyu’s fish tank will add charm and grace like nothing else.

Keep reading to explore whether the Huamuyu Hydroponic Garden Aquaponic Fish Tank would be an ideal purchase for you.

What's Inside The Box

Huamuyu Hydroponic Garden Aquaponics Fish Tank is a small ecosystem that combines plants, microbes, and fish. Here is a list of all you should expect to get with the Aquaponic tank.

  • 1 x Fish Tank
  • 1 x Seed Sprouter
  • 1 x Filtering Sponge
  • 1 x Pump
  • 1 x Ceramsite
  • 1 x User Manual

No plants or seeds are sold with it. You will need to buy them separately.

The Size

The Huamuyu Hydroponic Garden Aquaponics Fish Tank size is 7.7” X 2.2” X 11” H, including the tank. The tank’s size is only 12.2”X 7.7” X 8.0”. These measurements suggest that the dimensions fall in the intermediate range and won’t take too much space in your house. Additionally, it can hold up to 3 gallons of water at a given time. 

The Features

An all-inclusive kit

When you buy a Huamuyu home aquaponics system, you are provided with everything you need to set up the entire tank. No laborious work is required. One can do it easily without a professional’s help. But yes, you need to add life to it, be it plants or fish, and that needs some work! Utilize the hydroponics system to grow seeds and plants.

A flat base

Huamuyu’s fish tank has a flat base. This base shape makes it easier to place it on any flat surface without worrying about risking the aquatic animals and plant life. 

The filter system

It has a small, basic filter to keep the water clean. However, it still requires regular maintenance. The water in the tank travels through all the clay rocks (if you choose to add) while the plants supplement filtering. 

The feeding hole

The feeding hole allows you to provide the aquatic animals with food. With regular feeding, the plants and fish support each other well in this aquaponic fish tank. The feeding hole is also big enough to add light cords and a heater if you would like to use them. 

Self Clean

A unique feature of Huamuyu Hydroponic Aquaponics Fish Tank is its ability to self-clean. The hydroponic filtration system moves unclean water towards the roots of the plants, nourishing them with nutrients and thereby cleaning the tank. 

Also, as the plants take up fish waste as nutrients, half of your cleaning job is done. Now you need to perform only 50% of the required cleaning in comparison to the traditional tanks. The U-shape of the base also helps in cleaning the tank quickly and efficiently. 

Siphon Supply

The water level of the tank moves like tides due to the automatic siphon design. This provides plants with water regularly. One doesn’t need to worry about fertilizing or watering the plants regularly. The oxygen supply cycles every 2 minutes and is almost similar to a natural environment. 

Plastic Yet Safe Construction

The primary material used in making Huamuyu Hydroponic Garden Aquaponics Fish Tank are multiple plastics as PP/PC/ABS. All these are types of plastic and have different compositions and qualities. 

ABS, along with Food-Grade PERT-G, is aquarium safe. The risk of toxins leaching into the water is high with other filaments, but not with ABS. It is entirely safe for aquaponic animals and has no known carcinogens. Above all, it has a high thermal resistance. 

Polypropylene is safe for human use. It is the safest plastic approved by FDA for food containers. And if it is suitable for food, it will be good for fish and growing plants. 

Polycarbonate is another safe plastic. The impact strength of a PC is more than ABS and PP.

These multiple plastics used in the construction ensure you get a sturdy, safe, and long-lasting fish tank and a healthy ecosystem for your flora and fauna to thrive. 

Pros and Cons


A decorative item

Apart from the beautiful design that adds grace to the place, you can put some decorative things in it. 

Organic Indoor Gardening 

This system is more inclined towards attracting beginners in Aquaponics. The Huamuyu Aquaponics Fish Tank has a seed sprouter to grow different types of seeds in a tray. With no harmful chemicals added, you can enjoy homegrown vegetables for salads, soups, sandwiches, and more. 

Grow Herbs

While some people prefer herbs for eating, many use them to kill pests and keep their homes clean. Plus, with no pesticides, there is no harm to the environment. You can grow smaller plants such as microgreens on the top of the tank in a sponge seed sprouter tray. 



Some Incomprehensive Instructions

The instruction guide is not as comprehensive as you would expect, provided the product is aimed to attract beginners. For instance, the instructions ask the users to add a half capsule of a non-resealable capsule. But some users have added more and find it workable. Additionally, there are no instructions on cleaning or maintenance and the frequency. 

Complicated lid

If you ever have to open the lid, it can be difficult to put it back on easily especially when you need to position the wire properly.  

Can only grow smaller plants

The most annoying thing about Huamuyu fish tank is its inability to grow bigger plants as the size supports growing smaller plants and microgreens. 

Plants you can grow

You can grow herbs such as thyme, mint, basil, etc. and some smaller vegetable plants such as peas in the bed with fresh herbs.

The Pricing

The price for this product range is pretty attractive. Check the Huamuyu aquaponic fish tank price here

The price of this system is affordable, neither too high nor too low for a beginner in aquaponics.

Ease of Use

The product is extremely simple and can be set up in a few simple steps. Irrespective of the unavailability of the guided instruction, you won’t need a professional to get it started. On top of this, it is not too heavy and can be installed easily. 

Who can use it?

Beginners to Aquaponics can use the Huamuyu Hydroponic Garden Aquaponics Fish Tank; parents, kids in their educational programs, gardening lovers and enthusiasts and foodies looking for natural organic produce. It can be a learning experience for kids in particular.

The Manufacturer’s Note

Huamuyu recommends a beginner in Aquaponics to take note of the following pointers:

  • Do not grow sprouts of spices. Their ingredients may be toxic for the growing fish in the tank.
  • Do not use a freshwater tap to fill the tank. Set the tank. Let it stay like this for some days before adding fish.
  • To prevent the trickling sound of water, especially at night, fill the only ¾ of the tank. 
  • Do not add fish smaller than 2-3 inches long. The suction valve may suck up the tiny fish. Or you may try adding a decorative piece at the mouth of the valve to prevent this.

Our Verdict

The Huamuyu Hydroponic Garden Aquaponics Fish Tank is great for someone just starting out with Aquaponic farming. It has everything required to set up a tank and create a sustainable ecosystem within. The product is affordable and takes very little space in the house. 

However, those who are more advanced in aquaponics system may want to look at other systems. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. Can I add some decorative pieces to it?
Ans. Yes, you can. It is good for preventing the suction valve from sucking up your small fish. So, place your decor piece at the mouth of the valve. 

Ques. Is it good to keep charcoal while the sprouts are growing? Would it not change the watercolour?
Ans. Yes, charcoal tends to turn the water brown. Therefore, you should rinse it well before adding. 

Ques. Can I add gravel at the bottom of the tank? Will it affect the pumping system?
Ans. Yes, you are right. Gravel, sand, etc., tend to block the pump. But, if you want to add gravel, then make sure it is more than 2mm in diameter.

Ques. What is the right method to harvest the plants?
Ans. Do not remove the entire plants or seeds; just cut the top off, which will be sufficient. Once done, the roots tend to get intertwined with the balls. 

Ques. Is there a replacement possible for a foam filtering system?
Ans. Yes, you can take it from other sellers around, and it will work as fine as in Huamuyu aquaponics. 

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