How To Do Aquaponics For Kids

Aquaponics for Kids: How to Do It? Kids aquaponics is an activity that is both fun and productive. Aside from that, it will also help your children become closer to nature and appreciate the fruits of hard work. However, you might be thinking that aquaponics is complicated, so how can you get your kids to […]

How Your Kids Can Benefit from Home Aquaponics

growing strawberries in aquaponics

How Your Kids Can Benefit from Home Aquaponics Setting up a home aquaponics system is a good solution for kids who are hesitant to get involved in healthy activities. Does your kid spend all day in front of screens that are not only hazardous for their health but also for their mind? Do you want […]

Aquaponics For Beginners

diy aquaponics system

A Guide to DIY Aquaponics For Beginners There is a growing trend nowadays called ‘diy aquaponics’. What is it about? From the word ‘aqua’, you might have an idea that it involves water. However, it also involves the raising of fish and the usage of plants for water filtering. Since we’re talking about DIY, this […]

Back to the Roots Water Garden Review

Back to the roots water garden

Back to the Roots Water Garden Review An aquaponics ecosystem is amongst the best indoor gardening ideas available. It not only gives an immersive look to your home or office, it also promotes greenery and offers you a recurring harvest of organic produce as well as a place to grow fish as pets or for […]