VIVOSUN Aquaponics Fish Tank Review

An Aquaponics ecosystem for the foodies and aquarists alike, VIVOSUN Aquaponic Fish Tank is ideal for all. The manufacturers of this product have been in the professional hydroponic and indoor gardening market for over ten years now – a good sign that they’re serious about their work! This tank lets you grow up to 150 species of plants at once (including microgreens) as well as your desired fish with its awesome system design.

Not to forget, the beautiful white and transparent combination provides an empty canvas to design and decorate the tank.. It’s white color scheme will compliment any room in your house. It is a high-quality product that also follows manufacturing standards and is inclined to provide health benefits with fresh produce. Your plants will be growing in no time!

What Do You Get With VIVOSUN Aquaponics Fish Tank

VIVOSUN leads in manufacturing horticultural equipment for indoor use, including aquaponic fish tanks (discussed here). Below is a list of everything that you will receive if you decide to buy this home aquaponic system made in the USA.

  • 1 tank
  • 1 top for plants
  • 1 Filter pump
  • Rocks for plants


You will need to buy seeds separately as they do not come with this product.

The Size

The overall dimensions of VIVOSUN Aquaponics Fish Tank are 14.17” x 9.06” x 8.46”. These dimensions indicate that the product is relatively small. Keep this in mind however, we would suggest you not decide anything before reading the entire review.

The Features

Strong and sturdy material

VIVOSUN aquaponics fish tank uses PC (polycarbonate) in its construction. PC as we know is a stronger plastic material than glass and acrylic making it a preferred choice for the makers. It has more impact resistance and handles stress much more efficiently than most other materials. Also, it does not contain harmful phthalates or BPA; these components are considered potentially harmful for consumption.

Self-cleaning mini pump

This self-cleaning mini pump is an interesting invention that has two different uses. It can take dirty water from the fish tank and clean it up by pumping it to your plants, where they will use this fertiliser for their own growth needs.The clean water then gets pumped back down to the fishes, nourishing them and making for a happy home environment!

Siphon oxygen supply

VIVOSUN Aquaponics Fish Tank comes with an automatic siphon system. The water level in it ensures a tidal-like fluctuation. This ensures that your plants stay in the water and receive a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients to grow. 


VIVOSUN fish tank features a thermostat as well. It helps you monitor the water temperature now and then within the tank. This addition is essential to provide the fish growing in it with a comfortable environment. Temperature regulation helps flora as well. 

Adjustable water flow

The water pump in the fish tank comes with an adjustable water flow. You can find a switch on the top corner of the pump. It controls the water flow rate in the fish tank.

The filters

Filters in the fish tank are safe and do not cause any harm to the fish, especially their fins. Stay assured of that!

Pros and Cons


A decor piece and a decorative item

VIVOSUN Aquaponics Fish Tank is a beautiful piece that adds charm to the decor of your place and allows you to beautify it in a manner that makes it look more attractive. You may choose from coloured pebbles, black gravel and more for items like this tank! The choices are as varied as your preferences.

Premium quality product

The home aquaponics is designed under strict quality control standards and comes with competitive product assurance. It’s so rare to find a company that has such an amazing customer service, but the VIVOSUN team really takes care of their customers. Check out all they have to offer and we know you won’t regret it!

Saves space

The size mentioned above suggests that the aquaponic farming system is compact and does not occupy much space. You can even place it on your kitchen counter and grow your favourite plants and fish in it. For people with small spaces and who do not have much time to look after their plants, this aquaponic fish tank is ideal for them.

Suits Several Hydroponic plants

More than 150 hydroponic vegetables and plants can be grown in the VIVOSUN home Aquaponic system. These include asparagus, green dill, mint, pocket coconut, rosemary, basil, rosemary, etc.


No Detailed Instructions

Irrespective of the customer base that varies from beginners to experienced, the manufacturers have paid no attention to detailed instructions on how to set up or run the home aquaponics system. With no cleaning directions, it can be challenging to follow suit. 

Complicated setup

The set up can be tricky for some. The aquaponic tray, the tubing and the pump do not have sufficient space for setting up. Once you are successful, the water flow will take ample time to establish.

Leakage issues

Some users have had complaints with water draining out unexpectedly. The water pump is often reported to spill the water, creating a huge mess. With plants growing on top of the tap, overflowing may become troublesome. Reducing the water pump flow may help with this issue.

Design flaws

A few minor flaws are seen in the design, such as if you were looking to grow aquatic plants, VIVOSUN aquaponics fish tanks won’t be useful. There is no light for aquatic plants to grow. You will have to buy it separately. The pump hose is also small, and the water pump may swing unless you place rocks underneath. 

Plants you can grow

VIVOSUN supports more than 100 plants. These include many, including Basil, Tarragona, lemon thyme, scallions, lettuce, or fruit tree cutting for developing roots. And not to forget the indoor gardening plants that can be grown.

The Pricing

For a beautiful and robust construction like this from VIVOSUN, the price is reasonable, and there are no charges on returning if you don’t like the product.

Who can use it?

Everyone can use the fantastic VIVOSUN aquaponics fish tank. It makes a great gift for your kids; it will help them learn to live with pets and teach them the importance of growing and eating organic produce. But before proceeding, ensure a tidy environment is created. 

The Manufacturer’s Note

Below are some tips from the manufacturers before you start using VIVOSUN Aquaponics Fish Tank:

  • You must run the fish tank for a few days before adding fish to it. Tap water contains chlorine and is not at all suitable for their life. Wait for some time before starting new lives in the tank.
  • Make sure the roots of the plants are clean, including the ceramsite. Remove everything before you add them to the tank.
  • Any plant with spicy or toxic ingredients should not be grown in the tank. You may unintentionally harm or kill your fish.
  • Wash all the medium for a minimum of 4-5 times until all the dirt has been drained off.


It is recommended to keep the water level 3-5 cm below the aquarium medium. 


The Verdict

VIVOSUN aquaponics fish tanks are generally a good product. This home aquaponic system has some wonderful features besides a few flaws. But these shortcomings aren’t so serious that one should avoid buying them altogether. One can always improve and work upon them easily. Nevertheless, you can consider VIVOSUN’s aquaponics for its ease of use and portability. 

VIVOSUN Aquaponics Fish Tank is available on Amazon and would be a very good purchase due to its advanced features, convenience, and health benefits.

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