What Is An Aquaponic Water Pump And Why Is It Important?

You cannot think of establishing an aquaponics system without considering an aquaponics water pump. Water pumps are an essential part of an aquaponics system. If you want water to be well distributed in your aquaponics system, you must invest in the best water pumps. 

You can ensure that the water flows continuously through the aquaponics system to offer nutrients to the fish and the plants with a good water pump. Your aquaponics pump should be able to circulate the entire aquaponics system within two hours. 

Running and sustaining an aquaponics system should not be challenging when you have the correct components. Therefore, if you want to have a successful aquaponics system, you must invest in the best accessories, such as a water pump.

An aquaponics water pump will allow efficient water transportation from the fish tank to the grow bed and back to the tank again. When choosing an aquaponics water pump, ensure it can cover the size of your aquaponics system.

What is an Aquaponics Water Pump?

Aquaponics water pumps are machines used to move water in the system. It circulates water throughout the aquaponics system, offering plants and fish the necessary nutrients.

You can easily raise the required height for your system through the aquaponics water pump, especially if you are using a vertical aquaponics system where you need to lift water from the fish tank to the growing garden.

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What Kind Of Pump Do You Need For Aquaponics?

The pump you need for aquaponics depends on the flow rate, power consumption, head height, and pump placement. Therefore the kind of pump you choose should have the ability to recirculate all the water in the aquaponics system within two hours.

Submersible pump for aquaponics are the most common for small aquaponics systems that do not go beyond 1,200 GPH. Submersible pumps are even cheaper. Besides, the submersible pumps are not prone to the pump cavitation problem.

The submersible pump for aquaponics can function while submerged in the water. This kind of pump is easier to use, less noisy, and you can fix it faster. However, if you are considering having a large aquaponics system, a submersible pump for aquaponics is not the best.

The kind of pump you choose for your aquaponics system will depend on factors such as:


Before choosing the aquaponics water pump, know the electrical usage of the pump you are planning to buy. This will help you know the additional cost needed for your electricity. If you want less electricity consumption, then choose a lower watt pump.

Flow Rate

Consider the amount of water you want to pump into your aquaponics system. The pump you select should have larger Gallons per Hour (GPH) than the required amount of water. You are assured that the fish in the aquaponics system gets supplied with clean, oxygenated, and nutrient-rich water through this.

Always ensure that you select a more robust pump but not too strong to overconsume your electricity.

How Do You Use Water Pumps In Aquaponic systems?

In an aquaponics system, a water pump circulates the whole volume of water in the entire system. A water pump in aquaponics assists in transporting the water in the system from the fish tank to the plants and back to the fish tank again.

The aquaponics water pump ensures that your fish receives clean and oxygenated water. Through the aquaponics water pump, you are assured that your fish and plants will receive the necessary nutrients.

Why is Aquaponics Water Pump Important?

Water is the essential element in your aquaponics system. Water movement is vital for keeping the fish and plants in the aquaponics system alive. For water in your aquaponics system to move from the fish tank to your growing bed, you need a water pump. If your water pump fails, then your aquaponic system will fail.

This explains why you need a good water pump. Ensure you choose the most durable water pump to maintain your aquaponics system. Without an aquaponics water pump, you cannot have an aquaponics system. Aquaponics water pumps ensure your water receives the required air.

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How do I Determine the Correct Aquaponics Pump Size?

1. Determining the Gallons per Hour (GPH)
The majority of Water pumps have GPH ratings that help you understand the number of gallons of water they can pump each hour. Choose a water pump that will meet the minimum requirement of pumping half of the whole system’s water volume each hour.

2. Measuring the Head Height
Ensure you get the distance between the fish tank and the grow bed. The higher the head height, the more energy you will require to pump water, which requires a stronger water pump.

3. Combine GPH and Head Height
Combining the variables will help determine your systems’ correct aquaponics pump size.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best aquaponics pump to maintain your aquaponics system might seem challenging. However, it is not a complex task, especially after you understand the size of your aquaponics system and the amount of water you want to pump into the system.

The best choice you will make if you want water to flow effectively from the fish tank to the growing bed is that of a reliable and durable pump.

If you have struggled to get the best aquaponics water pump, you can go for the submersible pump since it is the most common water pump used in a small aquaponics system. You do not have to worry about the budget since submersible pumps are cheaper and more efficient. Your aquaponics pump is important since it will ensure that nutrients are well distributed through the system from the fish tank to the grow bed.

If you choose a great and reliable aquaponics water pump, you will have peace of mind even when you leave your aquaponics system unattended for some time. Note that an aquaponics water pump saves life in your system, and you cannot think of an aquaponics system without thinking of the aquaponics water pumps.

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